November 30, 2020

Crystal Knows All: You’re Being Profiled

By Yorachel

Crystal combs your agen poker social media and compiles a personality profile that it sells to businesses trying to reach you.
Crystal is a proprietary personality detection technology that makes it possible to find the best ways to approach a client or potential prospect.
Studies have shown that Crystal predictions are accurate up to 75% of the time.
Although Crystal predictions can be very useful, it can also be beneficial to get to know your potential clients the old-fashioned way.
You don’t need a crystal ball to anticipate the best way to approach a client or potential prospect. Crystal knows.

What is Crystal, and how does it work?
Crystal is a proprietary personality detection technology originally developed in the Harvard Innovation Lab with the self-proclaimed mission of working at the intersection of social science, technology and communication. According to Cultured Digitally, by mining various social media platforms for information, Crystal helps companies better determine how people communicate and how they prefer for others to communicate with them. In other words, Crystal technology simply provides an automated method of companies to get to know their potential clients without wasting tons of time and energy to do so.

Crystal can only access information that is being publicly displayed. It mines data that the user has posted as well as data that has been posted about you by others. Crystal’s personality profiles are based on analysis of public data obtained from user and peer reviews, LinkedIn accounts, Google, Facebook pages and blog posts.

The app matches this information to one of 64 unique personality profiles. A person’s profile tells you how best to communicate to them, including what words, phrases and even the tone of voice you should use when trying to connect with individuals.