May 22, 2020

Tips from Sadhguru to Face These Challenging Times

By Yorachel

The coronavirus pandemic has brought into sharp focus the importance of staying healthy. The robustness of our immune system could literally mean the difference between life and death. Here is a selection of articles where Sadhguru explains how managing one’s immunity, food, sleep and the five elements can lead to a much healthier life. These tips are not a panacea or a cure for the coronavirus, but they will definitely improve the body’s ability to tackle any infection.

Fundamentals of Good Health

Achieving good health is not an overnight endeavor, but there are some effective ways to start making an improvement. In these two articles, Sadhguru helps us understand the fundamentals of good health: 

  • 3 Fundamentals For Good Health
  • How to Keep Your Body Healthy

Boost Immunity

Researchers agree that the best defense against any viral infection is having a strong immune system. Be better prepared to face the COVID-19 challenge by boosting your immunity.

  • 8 Tips to Boost Your Immune System
  • 4 Immunity Boosting Drinks to Help Prevent Viral Infections

Food and Diet

Food is the basic building block of the human body and what we eat has a huge impact on how robust and healthful we are. Here are twelve comprehensive articles by Sadhguru that can help you craft the best diet plan for yourself:

  • Why Vegetarianism and Benefits of Eating Vegetarian Food
  • What to Eat: Making the Right Food Choices | Pranic Food
  • How to Eat Healthy? | 5 Tips For Healthy Eating
  • Is There Any Benefit to Fasting?
  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Snacking Between Meals
  • 4 Foods To Avoid for a Healthy Life
  • The Benefits and Uses of Neem, the “Wonder Leaf”
  • 4 Remarkable Health Benefits of Turmeric
  • 7 Health Benefits of Ragi & 6 Easy Ragi Recipes
  • 8 Health Benefits of Honey and its Various Uses
  • Horse Gram: 12 Health Benefits and Recipes
  • 10 Health Benefits of Ginger Root – The Wonder Spice

Sleep and Rest

A good night’s sleep does wonders for both the body and the mind. Get the deepest sleep with these practical tips from Sadhguru:

  • How to Sleep Well – 10 Tips for Sleep
  • How to Sleep Less: 10 Healthy Tips to Feel Restful