January 1, 2020

Mental Health Tips for Coronavirus Social Distancing

By Yorachel

Many of us are spending more time on computer; all of them may have condition known as CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome). CVS can affect 64 % to 90 % of all computer workers, it does not create stable eye damage, but it can be a unlikable side affect. So today we talk about the Top 10 health Tips for Computer User.

People neglect their health and they spend lots of on computer. Sitting for day can affect your body and take a charge on the health. You can read a below information to know about the Top 10 Health Tip for daily computer user.

Below is the health tip to reduce computer eye and health strain or Top health Tips for Computer User.

Do exercise in day: 

Computer user must remember that move your body part such hand, leg, back and neck every day for 10 minutes. You can also get up and take short walk break in your office time. They must do exercise with a day.

Take a break during work:

Whole day computer use the 20-20-20 rule. Computer use must take break after 20 minutes or after the 20 second. They must look at something 20 away.

Use computer glasses:

Computer glasses are the specially made for computer work. Those glasses can allow your eyes to focus on the distance of computer screen. Computer glasses optimize your eyesight at time of you look for digital screen. It also helps you to reduce glare.

Use proper lighting:

Computer user must incandescent lighting and avoids high-intensity lamps that cast shadows and make glare. Place a dim light on each side of work places to create equal brightness without dark, shadowed areas.

Maintain your screen resolution:

Computer user must make monitor with high resolution display. High resolution can process sharper type and crisper images and also reduce eye strain.